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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Do it before the timer stops!!!

Being different is easy, but being your self is difficult. At one point of time or another, during the journey of life, we tend to change ourselves. Ones right could be another ones wrong and vice versa. This Life tht we have now, is truly complicated. What makes the life and what derive the force to live the life is, Experiences.

Its true that experience is the best teacher. We are learning each day. To me, i have learned pretty lot of things with this 24 year old life. My experiences taught me how to be mentally strong, how to smile hiding the tears, how to make others smile, how to be myself and most importantly, how to live this life.Rolling back the sands of time in my life to few years, i can see myself being a happy, jovial, worrying about nothing and living in the Present. Later on, i could see myself transforming after one particular night. Following were the days of helplessness, prayers, tears, hope, and the willpower to catch my life back.

It is common for a man to forget himself when he is blessed with goodness and happiness. So do i. I am a common man and it is true that there were times in the past when i forgot myself.When someone praise your talent which was unknown or hidden for years, the common man would get excited.But the realization of where to draw the limit, is ones greatest power.Somehow, not everyone has that.

Appearance, is one thing that boost the arrogance in humans. I learnt recently that physical appearance doesnt even have the value of paper. Last month, i wanted to take xerox of few of my documents and i rushed into a xerox shop. The guy over there was standing facing the wal and when i called, he turned back. For a moment, i was shocked. He did not had half portion of his face. just one eye and two holes to breath in position of his nose. His face was full of marks and it was a shocking sight. However, he smiled at me and gave me the xerox. He talked to me in decent english and when i left the shop, i was totally shaken from tip to toe. After the accident, when my face got changed, i always had an inferiority complex. When i look at my old pics in orkut album, i used to feel really bad and some times used to feel moist in my eyes. But that day, when i came out of the shop, i was admiring him. It could be some accident or something that he lost his entire face. But still he had the will power to live. That is truly remarkable. This body which we possess and on which we are proud of, is destroyable. We dont know what happens the next moment and within a fraction of second, it could be turned to mere waste or a pot of ash. Then why are we bothered about it?

What i just want to say is, this life is short and it should be lived meaningfully. Before the counter stops, try to do something that will make you remembered in someones heart even after you leave this place. When we are born, people around us were happy and smiling, in hope that we would make their world better. So when we leave, if not all, but someone should shed some tear and hope that we would be back with them. In the time frame between birth and death, if we were not able to do that, then i would say, it was a totally wasted birth.