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Monday, May 23, 2011

Payanam - Review

Payanam is a good movie which unfortunately did not get the attention which it deserved due to lack of publicity. This movie is a story about a flight hijack and before you say "Oh, i have seen a lot of Flight hijack flicks", let me say, this one is indeed a worth watching flick, which would make you feel good on a weekend.

Payanam is directed by Radha Mohan and Produced By Prakash Raj. When Prakash Raj produces a movie, audience can relax and go to the theater without the fear of losing money because we know that he would produce only movies which are good enough to have a strong story line and which would blend easily with a pinch of values and social commitment. His previous Ventures like Mozhi, Abhiyum Naanum etc might not be block busters , but the real lovers of Good cinema would appreciate those art works. Just because of that reason, expectation would be high for Payanam too and trust me, he did not let us down.

This movie does not has any cheesy introduction scene or colorful songs or unbelievable fight sequences. Movie starts at the Airport with Passengers waiting to board the flight from Chennai to Delhi. Passenger List include a minister, a super cine star, a doctor, a priest, a mimicry artist, a job seeker and people from various region and from different industries. Soon after the take off, flight is being kidnapped by 5 terrorists on board and the pilots call for an emergency landing at Tirupati. And it is then, when the world come to know about the hi-jack and the normal melodrama of the government begin.

Terrorists would want to release Yousuf Khan, who is the leader of their terrorist group and currently under police custody in Kashmir and also ask a ransom of 100 Crores. It is then a team of political beurocrats led by Prakash Raj, who is an IAS officer and political secretary takes in charge of negotiations with the terrorists. Meanwhile, NSG commandos led by Nagajuna is also summoned at the airport. But the Government higher officials play the usual red tape ism game and decides to release Yousuf Khan in return for the passengers. Nagarjuna who was the Same NSG commando who tracked down Yousuf Khan two years back at Ladakh could not agree to this "let-go" attitude of Indian Governals but had to swim with the flow. Story takes it twist and turn and the audience fasten their seat belts, when Yousuf Khan who is being transported from the jail for release gets killed in a natural calamity!