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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Motorized Love

I was lying on the road with heavy bleeding. My head was totally smashed up and i could hardly open my eyes. My legs were broken and i could see those broken bones. My stomach has been torn and some fluid is gushing out. I feared an explosion at any point of time and if that happens, then it would be the end of all.Life was not like this a couple of days back....

@@@@@@@@ FLASHBACK @@@@@@@@@@@@@@

My name is RTR. TVS APACHE RTR. I am born in an aristocrat family. I had stunning looks and great power than any other two wheeler in our family. My friends and enemies looked at me with jealous and disbelief. Yes, I was one of a kind. My reddish skin had a special glow and it went well with those black racing stripes over my chest. I could run faster than anyone else and in lookwise also, i won the heart of many. Just like everyone else, my fate depends upon that "Someone Special" who likes me and takes me home. But i did not had to wait for long.

I had to leave my family and get accustomed to a new environment in July, 2007. Yes, I got a new partner, My new Boss. He was a cool guy and loved me more than anything. In the beginning, i dint like him or his behaviour. He never let me run beyond 50km/hr for the first few months. Later i knew, he did that because i am newly born, my legs wont have the power to run faster in the initial months or my heart won't pump that much energy. When i relaized that he did it for my long life, i started to like him more.

Very soon, we both made a great team. We loved our company each other. He used to take me to long rides and regularly took me to the clinic for checkup after every long ride. Over period of time, i got a great pickup and power. I carefully made use of the blood which he gave me, so that i can give him a great mileage. Moreover, the blood cost per litre for us, two wheelers are shooting sky high each day and i dint want my boss to spent too much on me. Eventhough, it was not a problem for him, i wanted to make sure that i give back for what i get.

Life began to change when i met her. I dono when i saw her for the first time. Was she the one who used to come in my dreams? One day i was taking some rest in the parking lot after dropping my boss in his office. It was then, she came and stood next to me. The lady who drove her locked her and went to office. Then she turned to right and looked at me. What a sight it was. I noticed her name first. It said "Scooty Pep Plus". Scooty, there is a beauty in that name. Her large eyes were sparkling like shining stars. Now i know, why humans call it as an Indicator. It truly indicates her beauty. She had chubby cheeks and they were in pink color. Her forehead was like a half moon.She had a cute but long nose. Her teeth was like pebbles. I dont know why it is called as a grill. They looked extremely cute. She had the right curves in right place. She was slim and her height was perfectly matching to mine. I was falling in love with her.

She saw me checking her out and smiled at me. That smile gave me the high of cruizing at 140km/hr. An electric shock passed through me as if some one welding in a 1000 butterflies in my stomach. Her one smile could make my engine accelerate at 1000 RPMs.

"Hi" , I said,

"Hello", she slightly looked at me.

"I am RTR"

I know, you are the new guy over here. There are not much RTR's in this parking lot and i saw you yesterday too" , she said with a smile

A vibration passed over through my body as if i am running a race with maximum torque and horse power. She had been noticing me and knew something about me.

"Yea, am new over here. Your name is scooty pep isnt it?"

"Scooty pep is my sister. My name is Scooty pep Plus"

"Ok,...anyways i will call you scooty itself and i must say that you are really beautiful"

She smiled at me again. That was worth a million bucks. Did i mention about her number? No..not the figure. I mean the number which we get as soon as we are born. The RTO number. Even that carried over our love. KA 09 L 143. The number of love....

Soon her boss came and was unlocking my love. Scooty was turned on with a smooth sound. Then, just before leaving, my scooty smiled and winked at me with her right indicator alone. That ignited a fire in me and unknowingly my engine too got ignited without the key. I wanted to follow her and to be with her.

Soon my boss also came and was driving me home. On the way to home, i was searching for my scooty. But i couldnt see her. I wished if my boss had taken me for a drive through the city so that i can look out for my scooty too. But i knew that i would meet her tomorrow in the parking lot. Love was in the air and i waited for the moon to die and for the sun to rise. Next morning, i waited for her in the parking lot. She came bit late but waiting for her only made my love to grow. She knew that i loved her and i knew that she too loved me. Else why would she blush all the time when she see me or while talking to me. I couldnt control myself and opened up my engine. I told her that i love her and as expected, she accepted my proposal. Soon our binding became more strong that we could not live without each other. Every day when our boss leave the office, i blew her kisses and she winks at me with her right indicator. That was enough for us. That was a friday and her madam came earlier than usual and took her away. We wanted to talk lot more, but this was unexpected.

I became sad at that moment and waited for my boss to come. It was getting dark and he is still in office. Hours passed by. It was midnight and this guy is no where to be seen. These IT people work a lot during at night than during day time. By 12:30, my boss came and took me home. I felt sad looking at him. He was tired and sleepy. Even i was sad because i wont be able to see my scooty for 2 days as its a holiday on saturday and sunday. My boss was driving me really fast. Poor guy must need some sleep and may be thats why he is hurrying.I ran on the maximum speed as there was no one on the road at midnight. Suddenly i felt a vibration in my engine and felt my handle bar shaking. A "U" curve was approaching and i understood that my boss is unable to handle me in the speed i am running, i tried to reduce my speed, but it was too late. We had crashed to an electric post and my boss had fallen into the bushes....

@@@@@@@@@@ END FLASHBACK @@@@@@@@@@@

(3 months later) I am still alive. The accident that night was a major one and no one saw me or my boss. I was not worried about me, but i was worried about my boss. I dint want any harm to happen to him. That night, when i knew that we are going to hit the electric post, i turned my handle to the left and he was thrown to the bushes in the side and i got hit with the post.Somehow i wanted to save atleast his life. But still, he was badly injured. After he was taken to the hospital, his brother came and took me also to the nearest hospital. 3 months later, i almost cried when i saw my boss in the hospital where i was admitted. He slowly touched my dome and my headlight. I saw a drop of tear in his eye. I thought he would abandon me there as i was sure that the expenses in the service centre to fix me up would be huge. But still, he dint leave me. He paid the service centre and made me walk once again.

3 more months had passed by. I was worried about my love, my scooty. I couldnt inform her about anything. She might have been waiting for me everyday in the parking lot. One fine day, i just disappeared. She might have been hurt a lot.Who said machines doesnt have a heart? Yes we do. We too have emotions. We also experience pain. When my boss took me to the parking lot again, i searched her everywhere. But she was missing. She might have gone or left the town thinking that i wont return. I dont blame her. But i couldnt forget her and wherever i went, i was searching for her and the number 143.

Soon, my boss had to leave the town. He was getting transferred. I came to know it very late. I dint want to leave that town, because my scooty lived in there. By the time, i had searched her in the whole city,But i couldnt get a glimpse of her.The day when me and my boss leave the city had arrived. I did all possible ways to delay his journey. I hoped that i could see my love just once before i go and wanted to bid her farewell. It was then a lightning came into my mind.I searched for her everywhere. Except one place. The Police Station!!!

That was the one place i had missed out in the entire town. I blamed myself for not thinking about it. My boss came out of the office and drove me fast to home as he had to pack the things and we are leaving that evening.I had an idea.I stopped moving when i saw a NO PARKING board. It was to get me caught by the police. My boss left me there and went to take the bags. Soon the police Towing vehicle came and took me to the station. I was sure that my boss would come and bail me out. In the station i saw 3 Pulsars, 2 Hero Hondas, 3 Suzukis. But not my scooty. I was shattered.Then my boss came and bailed me out. We started our journey to banglore that night itself. I ran with a heavy heart. It was raining and the raindrops covered my tears flowing through my indicators....

An Year passed by. Ever since we left mysore, i was under heavy depression. I never went for any long ride or least i bothered to go to clinic for check up. I dint wanted to live and hated this second life of mine without scooty. She was my first love. I couldnt bear the pain. It was then my boss decided to sell me off. It was another shock to me. He was my best companion. But his parents dint allow him to be with me after that scary accident. Even i dint had any hopes in life but i dint wanted to leave him also.

The deal was fixed and the D Day arrived. From morning, both of us were gloomy. The day before handing me over, my boss took me to the service centre for one last time and enhanced my beauty.I was just like the day when we saw each other for the first time in showroom. He got a call from my buyer and asked him to meet in 5 minutes. I was almost broken to tears. I dint want to leave my beloved boss. So i dint start eventhough he tried to ignite me. He used the Electric start and the kick start as well. But i dint start. Then he slowly touched my dome. He ran his hands over my headlamp and handle.Consoled me and said something good will be in store for me. With a heavy heart, i turned my engine on and started moving.


My new owner was riding me home. I did not like this guy at all. May be its because i loved my previous owner a lot. For the first time in my life, i cursed myself for being a machine. We are made for the benefit f humans. Rarely someone treat us like one of their own. I was blessed to have an understanding owner. But i cannot expect that from this moron. The new guy doesnt even know how to ride me properly. He shifts the gear every now and then and it upsets my stomach. Somehow we reached his home. He left me in his garage and went. I slowly looked around and i couldnt believe what i saw there.

It was my Scooty!!!

She was there in that garage. Her eyes lit up when she saw me. Her headlights were glowing and i saw tears flowing through her eyes. We had a 1000 things to tell, but did not get a single word to express. We looked at each other and hugged tightly. It was then i started to believe,

For everything that happens in life, there is a reason...

- .G . Sarath Menon



Tuesday, October 19, 2010

മരിക്കില്ല ഓര്‍മ്മകള്‍...

മരിക്കില്ല ഓര്‍മ്മകള്‍ മറക്കില്ല നോവുകള്‍
മറക്കാന്‍ കൊതിച്ച നിന്‍ നിനവുകള്‍ ഒക്കെയും
മറക്കാന്‍ ശ്രമിക്കുന്ന നേരങ്ങള്‍ ഒക്കെയും
ഓര്മ തന്‍ തീ നാളം ജ്വലിക്കുന്നു ശക്തമായ്

ഒന്നിച്ചു പിന്നിട്ട പാതയിലേകനായ്
സഞ്ചരിചീടുന്നു നിന്‍ നിഴല്‍ തേടി ഞാന്‍
അന്ന് നാം കണ്ടൊരാ കാഴ്ചകള്‍ ഒക്കെയും,
സ്മരണ തന്‍ തീ നാമ്പില്‍ ഒരു കനല്‍ കഷ്ണമായ്
അന്ന് നാം പങ്കിട്ട പുഞ്ചിരികള്‍ ഒക്കെയും
നോവുമീ ഹൃദയത്തില്‍  പരിഹാസ മുഖങ്ങളായ്‌

മരിക്കില്ല നിനവുകള്‍ മറക്കില്ല നിമിഷങ്ങള്‍
ഒരായിരം കനവുകള്‍ നെയ്തോരാ സുദിനങ്ങള്‍
ഒന്നിച്ചു കണ്ടൊരാ സ്വപ്നങ്ങള്‍ ഓരോന്നും
ചില്ല് കൊട്ടരമായ് തകര്‍ന്നു വീണുടയവെ
കാണാന്‍ കഴിഞ്ഞില്ല നിന്റെ കണ്ണീരെനിക്ക്
അന്ധനായ്‌ പോയി ഞാന്‍ വീഴ്ച്ചന്‍ തന്‍ നോവിനാല്‍

കണ്ണടയ്കുമ്പോള് തെളിയുന്നു നിന്‍ മുഖം
പുഞ്ചിരി മായാത്ത നിന്‍ കണ്ണിന്‍ സൌന്ദര്യം
വെളിച്ചം തന്നു നീ ഇരുട്ടില്‍ മറഞ്ഞതോ
ഇരുളിലെ യാത്രയില്‍ കൈ വിട്ടു പോയതോ
പിന്നിട്ട പാതയില്‍ തുണയ്ക്കു നീ നില്‍ക്കാതെ
പാതിയിലെങ്ങു പോയി ഒരു വാക്  മിണ്ടാതെ

അറിയില്ലെനിക്കിനി കാണുമോ പുണ്യങ്ങള്‍
പോകുന്ന പാതയില്‍ പിന്‍ വിളി കേള്‍ക്കുവാന്‍
മരിക്കില്ല ഓര്‍മ്മകള്‍ മറക്കില്ല നോവുകള്‍
മരിക്കില്ല നിനവുകള്‍ മരിക്കില്ല നിമിഷങ്ങള്‍
മറക്കില്ല പ്രാണനിന്‍ അവസാന തുടിപ്പിലും
ജ്വലിക്കുന്ന കണ്ണിനുടമയാം നിന്‍ മുഖം

-ജി. ശരത് മേനോന്‍



Sunday, October 10, 2010

I AM GOD...!!!

Now, something which i am going to tell here is a much old beaten to death topic, but still an unanswered question. "The Existence of GOD". Those who are not interested to read further or those who doesn't want to board the wagon again have the full freedom to leave this Page.

Many people say that there is no one called as GOD or GOD doesn't exist. Till one point of time, i used to debate and correct them,But later i left that try when i realized that the existence of GOD is not something which we should try to imbibe in other by words, but they have to experience themselves to know. Atheists say that, they don't believe in something which they can't see. They are skeptical or rather absolutely doesn't believe that there is someone called THE ALMIGHTY, because they can't see HIM. One quick question over here. When i send an e-mail, the recipient cannot see me in person. All he can see is an e-mail id. Does it mean that I do not exist, because he cannot see me? When you talk on phone, i cannot see you. Does that mean, you do not exist? No. You exist. Your presence is felt through a medium. E-Mail is a medium which says that is me and telephone is another medium which says i am alive.Similarly, GOD marks HIS presence through a medium. He doesn't come all of a sudden in a golden robe with twinkling stars and with lightning and Aura. GOD appears as a medium. Now what is that medium through which GOD appears? It's YOU...and ME...

From a personal experience, I have seen GOD many times. When i had a tragic bike accident and when i was lying on a road in mysore in a cold december night for 6 hours with bleeding, I saw GOD in the form of an engineering student. Among the crowd who  gathered around me and were just talking to each other without trying to save me, I saw a girl called Shwetha, who had the courage to take me to the hospital despite the comments from the mob. I Saw GOD  there. He chose her as a medium. Now this is my personal experience.  In your life, you might have come across various situations where you are truly helpless. The state where money doesnt even have the value of paper. The situation where you cannot do anything but to stare. At those moments, there would be someone or the other who had come to your rescue. Be it anyone. The one's whom you know or you doesn't. Who do you think that was and why did they help you out? It was GOD's will and his decision.To write a piece of note, you need a pen. With your bare fingers, you cannot do that. Same is the case with GOD. He make use of you or me or anyone but make sure that the needy gets help at the right place and at right time.

Now about idol worshiping. I am not against or for this ritual. GOD is present everywhere and in every form. Then what is the need of an idol? Good question. Why do people go to temple if GOD is present everywhere? That is because of something called the "Positive Energy". The atmosphere in a temple is quite positive with mantras or people praying and with sanity. So when you visit  a temple or church and spent some time over there, you inturn gets charged. The positive energy flows to you and your Aura turns to a positive form. For every human, there is something called as an "Aura" at all the time. When he does a good deed, it brightens up and when he is doing something not so good, then it diminishes. Aura is something which makes one to be optimistic and to progress in Life. When one goes to a temple, he gets peace of mind because the atmosphere in there. Is it the same if he is visiting a Bar? Definitely Not!  The idol in temple is nothing but a shape which we believe is GOD. Until a sculptor had found it, it was just a mere stone. Then he shaped it,molded it and made an idol. The idol is given powers or positive energy by poojas, prayers and chanting mantra's. Now that is not a stone anymore. But resemblance of GOD. When we look at an Idol and close eyes and when we pray, we don't remember the sculptor who made it. Neither we think about the Stone in pre idoling stage. All we think about is GOD and pray to him. So what is the Idol doing there? When we open our eyes and see, we find an idol there and we feel satisfied to see the replica of GOD out there. That idol is just a representation of GOD for our satisfaction. When we look at the photo of Mahatma Gandhi, we dont think about the artist who painted it, but inturn we think about Gandhi. Similarly, when we look at an idol, we just think about GOD and that is where an idol is necessary. Even if you dont go to a temple, rather you sit in your room and pray with your eyes closed, i am sure GOD would be listening to it, because HE doesn't need any form in particular and is everywhere.

So what is the conclusion over here. Does GOD exist or NOT? Certainly he does. He exist in the form of you and me. The GOD is within ourselves. Knowingly or unknowingly we have "Played the Role" of a GOD to someone who was in need. If i recall, i would have a huge list where i saw this Human form of GOD. It is we who have to decide that we should be a GOD or a SATAN. It doesn't take much to change some one Else's world. All you need is a heart of compassion and a willingness to be generous. We definitely are not going to take anything with us when we die. All we do throughout our life is to work hard  today to build a better tomorrow. But there are people who neither have a today nor a tomorrow. Be kind to them. It is said, "Aham Brahmasmi", meaning "I am GOD". It means GOD is not a second person. It's we ourselves. Next time, when you buy a biscuit from a shop and if you see a stray dog looking at you, please do not hesitate to give him a biscuit. It is your chance to play the role of a GOD. Every creature in this world is GOD's creation. So be nice to everyone. Afterall, man is a social animal.

-Sarath Menon .G