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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Mankatha Review

Mankatha is a much awaited film by tamil industry for two major reasons. One being it is Thala Ajit Kumar's 50th movie and another is that it is Venkat Prabhu's yet another action thriller after the hilarious flick"Goa". To mention in a single statement, it is Ajit Kumar's "A Great Come back". Ajit's career graph had been in an all time low when his last movie "Asal" bombed at box office like a water soaked grenade. Last time, when he had been rejected by the mass, he made a bomblastic come back with the movie "Billa" and this time it is "Mankatha". To provide him a hand support, there is Action King Arjun who gives Ajit a run for his money in this movie. As usual, Venkat Prabhu has tweaked in, all his same old cast and crew where ever possible such as Vaibhav, Arvind, and Premji. But Sampath who had played vital roles in his previous movies were missing this time. Now a bit about the story line, but i promise you ; there are no spoilers ahead.

Movie starts with Aravind(Faisal) being tied up for an encounter by the police and the police have an illicit relationship with the Gangsters. This is depicted by the Police officer asking one of the goon to shoot Aravind. It is then our hero Ajit (Vinayak) is introduced and he saves Aravind's Life. Ajit plays the role of a corrupted cop in this movie who is under suspension for saving a smuggler. Movie develops by pointing a finger towards the match fixing and betting that happens around during IPL matches. Public notice is drawn towards the betting crime when a police officer who is a bookie commits suicide in his office.

A huge money is involved in match fixing and betting and the police officer who is deputed to investigate this issue is Arjun (Prithviraj). Arjun forms his own special squad to track down the bookies in town. The main shot behind this betting mafia is Jayaprakash (Chettiyar) and his daughter, Trisha is in love with Ajit. Movie starts in slow pace with all the gambling, betting, and bookies going around and Venkat Prabhu had tried to include maximum comedy scenes in this part. Trisha introduces Ajit to her dad and it is then Ajit realize that Aravind and Vaibhav works for Jayaprakash, who is a smuggler and a mediator of underworld dons in Mumbai. On a side track, Mahat, who is running a local bar brings his friend Premji (Prem) to town for a secret mission. The Local Sub Inspector Ganesh, is also a part of the mission. Later when the movie progresses only viewers get an idea that the mission is to Loot the 500 Crore Rs which Jayaprakash arranges for match fixing and Gambling. Vaibhav, who is the right hand of Jayaprakash is also a part of the mission. One night on a high, Premji tells Ajit about their secret plan and Ajit too joins the gang. From there on, he run the game which has absolutely no rules.

With the help of Premji who is a techy, Ganesh, who has connection with the local police, and Ajit who is the daring leader, they manage to loot the money and hide it in a godown. They decide not to touch the money for few days and continue their ordinary lives. From this point, movie takes an extra ordinary pace which one would not expect. We have seen the movie which portrays double game. That is, two people who are a part of the same mission trying to betray one another. But here there are 5 folks who does not trust each other and the prize amount is a whooping 500 Crore. So anything could happen at anytime without an announcement. Surprise quotient of the movie starts when the gang goes to the godown to take the money which they have stolen and find the money is missing. On top of that Jayaprakash's goons and Police are behind them and the heroes start their journey in search of the money.

I would not dare to talk another word about the story line as i am afraid that it would spoil your excitement while watching the movie. Do not feel disheartened since i have told a bit about the movie, because i have not even touched the tip of an Iceberg. This movie is a suspense thriller with hell lot of twists and turns. One could not even imagine through which path the movie is progressing and who is the good guy and who is the bad guy. It's been a while since we watched Ajit in a negative role and Vinayak of Mankatha gives him ample space to show his vivacious talent once again, as the character of this movie is constantly fluctuating and unstable. Action King Arjun has once again proved why he is titled as "Action King". He has done a decent job in this movie and a perfect competitor to Ajit. The ladies of the movie are Trisha, Lakshmi Rai, Andrea and Anjali. Eventhough they do not have much work to do in this movie, at the same time they play vital role in the story line. Andrea and Anjali appear for only two or three scenes, yet they have made their presence felt.

Songs by Yuvan are good to hear and the peppy song "Adamai Jayichomeda" would make you shake a leg. Eventhough the song is very much similar to "Mele yeri vaarom nee othungi nillu" song from Chennai 28, this one does looks new and refreshing. Background Score is one main thing which i should definitely mention. Right from the Intro scene, BG score has played a great role in sustaining the mood of the film and for protraying Ajit as a King Maker character whose mannerisms could not be predicted. Action sequences are watchable and does not make you say WTF. Premji has done his role as expected and he does tickle your bones at times. Especially while nearing to the climax. As i told earlier, the movie has a sack full of twists and suspense and at the climax and audience tend to believe that the movie has wrapped up as usual with the case being solved. But least do we expect for the unexpected ending which i am sure would make you think "Oh My GOD!" while leaving the theatre. Atleast i did.

With this movie, Ajit can relax that he has yet again proved his caliber with Mankatha. Mankatha is a feast to Ajit fans and a movie which deserve a watch. Venkat Prabhu has taken a step higher from his initial venture Chennai 28 and has placed himself in the league of most promising director. Altogether, this movie has the right mixture of Action, Suspense, humor with a pinch of Love and emotion. I am not an Ajit fan but i do not hesitate good cinema. This is not a classic movie, but a paisa vasool flick. So watch it only if you are ready to play the game, which has absolutely no rules...!!!

-G. Sarath Menon
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