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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Anything for Love....

"It's all Over!!! Never ever come in front of me again. I dont want to see your face!!!"

, Shreya shouted at him. She was furious and frantic like a psychopath. Shreya had enough. For 3 years, they were in a relationship. But she couldn't take it anymore. Amit had been avoiding her for past 3 months. No phone calls, No messages, No meetings. Shreya doubted that he is trying for a break up and have hooked up with some one else.

"Shreya, Dont Over React", Amit Tried to console her

"I am over reacting??? What do you have in mind? U were avoiding me from 3 months!!! If you have someone else in mind, then go to her. Never come back to me"

,She walked away while wiping her tears.

Amit turned back and looked at the calm ocean infront of him. The beach was empty and sun was hiding behind the clouds, giving the sky a golden touch. He saw her fading like a spot in the far end of the bridge they were standing. Tears had filled in his eyes too.

Anything for Love


They met few years back accidentally at a common friend's place. Even in that crowd, they couldn't help noticing each other. Amit couldn't take his eyes off her and Shreya couldn't stop admiring him. She had fallen for his cute smile. That day they looked each other and just smiled. But both of them din't had the guts to go and talk. That night itself, Amit took her number from his friend and left her a message. Shreya was moody and silent after she left the friend's place. She dint know why? It was a new feeling for. It was then she received Amit's message. Suddenly her face brightened up and she could realize that it was him, the reason for her sadness. She was missing him....

1 Week later they met each other at the Cafe Coffee Day and thankfully Amit had the guts to tell her what he felt for her. Shreya was waiting for that moment. He proposed to her that day and she smiled in return. That was enough for Amit. He hugged her tightly and Shreya too felt that she had the entire world in her hands.

Things went well just like any other lovers, Untill one point of time. Shreya was becoming more and more possessive about Amit. Amit was well known in their friends circle, and many girls used to mingle with him leisurely. His Charm, Personality, Wittiness and his sense of humor made him lovable among his friends. When he is there, no one used to be sad or gloomy.The girls of the gang liked him a lot for his happy-go-lucky kind of nature. But Amit never used to exploit that and he always made sure that Shreya is happy. Even Shreya would be there with him along with the other friends and she behave normally and enjoys the evening. But at night, she used to spark a fight with him for being more comfy with others. It was her possessiveness that made her to do so. Shreya loved him a lot and she couldnt tolerate anyone else even looking at him. Be it their friends or a stranger in a public place. Amit was bit upset because of this. But he knew that she is doing all this because she loves him more than anyone and she dint want to lose him.

Shreya reached her home and was totally shattered. She couldnt even think how Amit could do this to her. She dashed into her bedroom and fell into the bed weeping. Tears made her pillow wet. Shreya did everything to keep Amit with herself. She was strict with him because she scared that someone much better than her would hit on him.He was such a nice guy and she dint want that to happen. But what she feared has happened right now. Before today, Last time she met him was 3 months back.

That evening also she had to fight with him when he said, he need to leave early. She had been waiting for him all the while in the park and he came 1 hour late. Much before they could relax, he told he has to leave early. That made her angry. She felt, he doesn't want to be with her and he is trying to avoid her. He just came to the park for a namesake. She felt he doesnt love her like he did before. Shreya had doubts on Anjaly, who was working with Amit. She felt things began to change after Amit went for that late night party with his colleagues. Anjaly might also have been there. She remembered Amit talking about her and how good she is. The possessive mind in shreya needed just that much to soil the seeds of doubt in her.

Shreya had a quarrel with Amit that evening in the park. He would have been rushing to meet Anjaly. Shreya couldn't accept this and she left the place crying like a baby. After that incident, Amit reduced calling Shreya. Whenever she calls him, he says he is busy in work or he will call back. But he never used to call her back. Before, he used to call her and text her a 100 times in a day but now it has reduced to 1 or 2 in a week. He used to wake her up in the morning and made sure that she had food on time. But now he doesnt even look like bothered. He has changed. Shreya felt like someone is plucking out her heart and the pain which she had was untolerable.

Amit tried to recollect what had happened in last few months. He remembered that evening when they saw at the park. He knew Shreya would be waiting for him, and was rushing to the park. But just as he stepped out of his house, he felt bit uneasy and a dizzy feeling. He felt as if the place around him is revolving and his vision was blurred. Slowly his eyesight darkened and he fainted.

Somone took him to the nearest clinic and they gave him some medicines. They told it is because his body has become too weak due to lack of proteins and he has to take some rest. But Amit, was in no mood to listen to them. He rushed to the park. Just as he reached the park, he remembered that he has an Appointment with Dr.Suresh that evening. But he dint tell that to Shreya because he felt that she would get tensed. Shreya inturn had started to quarrel with him. She thought he was going to meet Anjaly. Amit dint correct her. He dint say anything. Let her think whatever she can....

Doctor was reading his reports when Amit reached the hospital. Amit was tensed but he pretended as if he is not.

"How are you Amit?", asked Dr.Suresh

"I am good doctor, but some time back i fainted on the road."

Amit noticed a sudden change in Doctor's face. He had become more serious than usual.

"Amit, Last time when you came for the check up, i had warned you that the signs are not good. Then i had a mild doubt. But i have the reports now with me."

Amit, looked into his eyes. He felt like the floor is moving and he prayed hard not to hear the bad news

"I am not supposed to say this Amit. But i have no choice. Sorry, but it is confirmed!!!"

Amit knew that this would happen. He felt like crying out loud. He had just started his life and did no harm to anyone. But still, God up there have taken a wrong decision

"Which stage doctor?"

, Amit asked in a trembling voice. He wished if the Doctor had not realized that he was crying.

"Final Stage.... You dont have much time left..."

Amit stood up and walked out of the room. Dr.Suresh, the Oncologist cursed his job once again. He wished what he said to Amit was untrue. But the reports of Amit was lying on the table , as a proof rather, like a Death Warrant

By then, Amit had gathered strength to face the cruelty of Life. He was not worried to die, but he was worried about Shreya. He knew that she loved him a lot and wont be able to tolerate if he tell her the news. So he decided to keep it as a secret. Infact, he dint tell this to anyone. Not even his family or closed friends knew about it. Amit thought that the only way to help Shreya is to avoid her. When he avoids her, she would not let her ego down.She would develop a hatred towards him and then at one point of time, his Death news won't shock her. So Amit decided not to talk to her or meet her.

Cancer was killing him inch by inch. When in the moment of pain, he feels like he should hear Shreya's voice. So he called her once in a while. Eventhough she was yelling at him on the phone. he smiled because he knew that what he had planned is moving on the right path.

After around 3 months, he felt like he should See Shreya for one last time. He was not sure whether he would get a second chance.That's why he called her to the Bridge near the Ocean.The perfect place to bid farewell. But she went crying that day. Amit felt it is better than the flood of tear that might happen tomorrow when she come to know about everything

Two week's later,

Shreya had started to forget Amit and to move on. She felt like if he doesnt need her then why would she need him. But at some lonley times, his thoughts would creep in her. It was then she decided to go to the balcony to get some air.

It was nearing to dark and the birds had began to settle in their nests.Cool breeze was kissing her cheeks. Loneliness was killing her. Shreya couldnt forget Amit how much ever if she wants to. At the same time, she felt angry when she thought about what he had done to her. It was then Shreya Noticed someone standing outside her gate. It was Amit.

What does he want now? 2 weeks back when he met me he had nothing to say. Now i am trying to forget everything and he has come back again to prick me. He dint see my tears that day.Then why the hell he has come now. Shreya reached down to the gate and he was there.

"What do you want now? Now you remembered about me? Did Anjaly ditch you? You left me because you wanted her right? Then why are you standing infront of my gate. I told you, i dont want to see your face again. Now leave this place before i call the police!!!"

Shreya slammed the gate and was walking back to home. It was then she got a call from Rahul, who was a common friend of Shreya and Amit. She knew why he was calling her. Rahul is trying to Patch up between them both. She picked up the phone in an irritated mood,

"What Rahul?


"Look, i know why you are calling Ok. Dont try to patch up things. I am not going behind him anymore. You said, i had locked him up with me. Now he is free. He can do whatever he wants"

"Shreya Stop it... I just called in to Say, Amit passed away an hour ago!!! He had cancer..."

Shreya couldnt believe what she heard. She ran to the gate but there were no one. She was shocked. She just saw Amit some minute's back. She closed her eyes in guilt.Tears were flowing down as if they are in search of someone....

-G.Sarath Menon


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