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Sunday, November 15, 2009

From the editor's desk

Friends, Romans, Countrymen...

Lend me your ears...

Let me talk about myself for a while. Am Sarath, also known to some as Balu. Well, I had been cribbing down my psychic thoughts for a while, in Infy Blogs. i work for Infosys Technologies and in our internal blog, i do have a page which hold more than 150 articles. To be honest, i crib down for my own satisfaction and doesnt care what another person mught think about me after reading these. At times, i write poems, at times i write stories and aslso about myself. Well, Since this is a virtual world, i would do write about few secrets which only me, myself knows. And if by mistake, my beloved ones come to this page and get to know those secrets, then please make sure that you do not pretend to me as if you know all those. I dont want to put myself in an embarassed situation. would know about me in the coming days... As i said, i write for my own satisfaction and not to become another shakespeare or shelley...So here we go....

Thanks for visiting my page,

Sarath Menon.G


  1. infy heartbreak?? potte, saramilla.. nicely written.. keep up de gud work!! and if u need any support on this, let me know. i know balachandran chullikkad & vijayalakshmi personally coz their son is one of my very close friends.

  2. daivame....njan atraykonnumaayilla anna....just jotting down few ramblings. atre ollu. Vaayikkan aalillathadatholam kaalam enikenthum ezhutham. Dance as if no one is watching, Write as if no one is reading ennanallo