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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Happy to Help

I was sitting in my cubicle with a ppt open infront of me (kt related) with half closed eyes and with no movement, not even a mouse click. Some one who passes by will think i am doing meditation or yoga. But i was in a state of half sleep n half awake. It was then i heard a loud shouting n scolding in high fluneced top class english. I literally jumped out of my chair and looked around to see if the prey was me or not. Luckily it was from the next cube and a senior employee(PM/GTM, i dono his desgination) was tearing someone apart on phone. phew... a sigh of relief!!!

As my sleep has croseed Sabarimala due to the loud roar, the best thing i could do is pke my ear to the dishum dishum in the next cube. Then i understood the warriors on either side are, a manger from infy and a customer care executive!!!

The cc executive has called in to remind the angry young man about his due date of phone bill and who knows in what mood our hero was, he just took out his AK 47 and started firing. I remember this is not a new thing. Whenever a loud verbal fight occur in cubical next door(?) everyone giggles around, as they know wats happening. Its a usual wwf that happens twice in a week.

The customer care guy was reminding the hero to pay his bill, and our hero was asking if he pays the bill today, that is before due date, will the customer care guy gives him some gift or bonus or discount in bill... lol everybody around were in laughter.

Sometimes, its irritating when ppl frm vodafone or hutch calls up n ask u to pay the bill. We know when is d dude date n we know to pay. moreover they send msgs also reminding about it. then still y do they need to call up n ask.

It happened, once i was riding my bike, bell rang n me some how took phone frm jeans pocket n attended with one hand only to hear" hi this is from vodafone". The most embarassing situation is, when you find some peace of mind(read stomach) in restroom, after the well cooked undigestable food from fc, mobile rings. With your ringtone, all who are outside will come to know who is breaking the basement inside!!!

No wonder why ppl get on nerves to these calls.

But nowadays, i have developed to start thinking in others point of view. What the customer care executive can do. He might be instructed from his seniors to call up the customers n remind. Its their duty to do, like we code n test. But the thing is, they shuld know when to call.

Anyways, my sleep is gone, am awake. Thanks to vodafone. They are happy to help :-)

[Written : October 3rd, 2008]

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